Consolidated Monitoring

Reduce tool sprawl with an end-to-end observability platform.

Simplify your monitoring with a consolidated platform that unifies and correlates all of your observability data from across your entire environment to improve collaboration, speed troubleshooting, and reduce annual monitoring costs.

Correlate metrics, logs, & traces in a single pane of glass

When teams have multiple disparate monitoring solutions, they are forced to manually correlate incidents, substantially increasing time to troubleshoot while also introducing more opportunities for human error. Different tools are often not compatible, creating silos of data in different formats, and each often has different approaches to tagging and other contextual metadata, making it difficult to compare and correlate.

Circonus collects, analyzes, and visualizes all of your metrics, traces, and logs from across your entire environment – applications, infrastructure, cloud, and network – in one platform. Our unified dashboard provides a single pane of glass to correlate related metrics, traces, and logs across charts in a single click, leading to shorter downtimes, decreased outage costs, and ultimately better user experiences.

Improve collaboration with a single source of truth & consistent standards

Employing multiple tools that are each built for a specific purpose creates a patchwork environment where there is a lack of consistent standards and processes, and as a result, there’s no ability to share information in a clear and cohesive way among different teams within the organization.

With Circonus, all teams can implement consistent monitoring processes, workflows, and standards across the organization. Having a centralized platform on which to collect, analyze, alert on, and graph all observability data provides each team with a comprehensive view of the health and performance of the systems that underpin their business, empowering them to collaborate more effectively on not just resolving issues, but also proactively preventing them in the first place.

“APM data is going into Circonus, network data is going in, cloud data is going, and other infrastructure data, and we have all these beautiful time series metrics in one place. Now we can extract that data and correlate it with the various pillars of our business in a way that is very unique. No more siloed data, no more waiting. People can get what they want when they want it. And we can visualize it or report on it or alert on it in a way that breaks down those legacy barriers in enterprise businesses.”

Jeremy Schulman
Principal Software Engineer, Network Infrastructure

Provide more business value

A unified platform for all of your observability data gives you the opportunity to gain deeper business insights. A single source of truth provides comprehensive visibility that empowers IT to communicate its value to the business — showing how it prevented issues that harm both the brand and bottom line, how it accelerated digital transformation initiatives with faster time to innovation, how departments have performed in meeting SLOs/SLAs, and critically, how data insights yielded opportunities for operational and product improvements.

How SREs Can Achieve More Success by Implementing Modern Monitoring

Reduce annual monitoring costs

The costs of monitoring tool sprawl quickly add up — in dollars, engineering overhead, and resource time. Each tool has its own licensing costs, upgrades, deployment cycles, customized configurations, integrations, and vendor communication. And inevitably, these costs increase significantly as your organization scales its IT infrastructure and teams. Organizations have replaced more than 7 tools with Circonus’ one platform, resulting in significant annual cost savings.

MLB Logo on Baseball Field

MLB has consolidated all of its monitoring on the Circonus platform including application, infrastructure, network, video, and Kubernetes monitoring.


Reduced annual monitoring spend

MLB Logo

Now that we have a unified way of monitoring, a team can use what’s already in place by another team, and it automatically gets monitored with Circonus. Everybody working in the same way is like a force multiplier. We’ve reduced the reinvention of the wheel for observability and monitoring.

Riley Berton, Principal SRE

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