Intelligent Kubernetes Monitoring

Monitor and improve Kubernetes health, performance, and costs with unparalleled ease and speed.

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What Makes Circonus Kubernetes Monitoring Unique

Circonus addresses the complexities of Kubernetes so you don’t have to. Circonus is the only monitoring solution with built-in intelligence specific to Kubernetes that allows you to immediately get up and running, solve issues quickly, and have peace of mind you’re collecting, analyzing, and receiving alerts on all the most critical metrics.

Complete Solution as a Service

Includes ingestion, storage, analytics, and visualizations. No need to install, integrate and maintain multiple components. Updates automatically to support new releases of Kubernetes — upgrade your deployments without breaking your monitoring. Focus your time where it matters most.

Fastest Time to Value

Installs in less than 10 minutes with 2-3 commands. Comes with preconfigured health dashboards and automated alert rules out of the box. With service discovery, data begins flowing and graphs begin populating immediately.

Built-in Intelligence

Automatically analyzes, graphs, and alerts on the most critical metrics to focus on, so you don’t spend time filtering through unnecessary data. Provides contextual, guided remediation to greatly accelerate problem resolution time.

Monitoring without Limits™

Unlimited scalability to collect the large volume of high-cardinality metrics generated by Kubernetes. Unlimited retention of long-term metrics, so you can drive auto-scaling based on rich historical data analysis. No constraints — no compromises.

Cost Control

Never get blind-sided by unexpected Kubernetes bills again. Provides deep visibility into resource utilization and application metrics so that you can optimize provisioning and reduce Kubernetes costs. Be a hero to the business by getting awesome results without breaking the bank.

Maximize your container investment

The Circonus Kubernetes monitoring solution was purpose-built for Kubernetes monitoring, empowering you to immediately surface clear, actionable insights. It provides turnkey dashboards and alerting for increased visibility into cluster performance and health, has unlimited scalability, and drives dynamic Kubernetes horizontal pod auto-scaling strategies that can be custom-tuned to the unique needs of an organization.

Got 90 seconds?

Watch a quick demo to see how the setup and turnkey dashboards work.

Optimize performance and cost

  • Real-time operational and health dashboards visualize node and pod resource data for easy-to-consume insights. Explore performance metrics and events for your cluster as a whole, or drill down to explore the performance of a given namespace, application, node, or pod.
  • Leverage rich historical data analysis stored within Circonus to drive efficient horizontal pod auto-scaling.
  • Gain deep visibility into resource utilization and application metrics to reduce excess capacity, optimize provisioning, and significantly reduce spend.
  • Automatically detects changes — whether it’s a new deployment or new Kubernetes releases — and continues monitoring without interruption.
Kubernetes Dashboard

Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) with actionable health-check insights

  • Health-check insights such as crash loops, disk and memory pressure, job and volume failures, errors, pod pending delays, and deployment glitches help you reduce MTTR and minimize negative impacts.
  • Turnkey alerting instantly notifies you when clusters become unhealthy and links to the dashboard where you can diagnose the issue.
  • Guided issue remediation pinpoints root causes to speed problem detection, while also detailing steps to resolution.
Kubernetes Dashboard

Deploy with ease and speed

  • Easy-to-install agent is ready to go in 10 minutes or less and data immediately begins to populate graphs.
  • Turnkey alerting and dashboards are available out-of-the-box with zero set-up or configuration required, allowing you to immediately automate your health monitoring.
  • Minimum configuration with initial (and ongoing) service discovery (coming soon).
Kubernetes Dashboard

How our Kubernetes monitoring works

The Circonus Kubernetes monitoring solution relies on a simple deployment of the Circonus Kubernetes Agent. This agent leverages the Kubernetes API Server and Kube State Metrics to retrieve metrics related to the cluster, nodes, pods, and containers. It then sends these metrics to Circonus via the Circonus Broker. Pods can also send app metrics to Circonus via HTTP or StatsD.

How our Kubernetes monitoring works

Support for multiple platforms

“With Circonus we have been able to merge application performance modeling with SLOs, Kubernetes monitoring, and traditional network and hardware monitoring at high (and growing!) scale.”

“The richness of this high frequency data allows us to understand user and systems behavior with a level of detail we haven’t experienced as an organization before now. The ability to perform real-time analysis on billions of data points drives how we think about, and debug, performance for millions of baseball fans. Combined with a monitoring-as-code approach, our engineers get all of this delicious data out of the box with little to no time spent.”

Riley Berton, Principal SREMajor League Baseball

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