Intelligent Alerts

Reduce noise and accelerate time to action with actionable alerts.

Circonus eliminates the detection delay experienced by most monitoring solutions because it analyzes each metric as it hits the platform in real-time. These real-time streaming alerts, in addition to analytic alerts and composite alerts, ensure you can prioritize issues, reduce false positives, and identify issues before they become outages.

Alerting Visualization

Reduce noise & prioritize

  • Build highly customizable composite alerts using multiple trigger conditions to eliminate unnecessary alert noise.

  • Visualize alert trends, as a chart or table to see active alerts across your metric, logs, or traces and filter by severity to prioritize.

  • View alerts, regardless of source, in a single view on any dashboard or report.

Respond in real-time & with context

  • Become aware of issues faster with streaming alerting, which alerts against metrics that are triggered in real-time.

  • Reduce alert lag from 10m to 10s by eliminating polling, so you can stop issues before they impact your business.

  • Alerts link to real-time dashboards that correlate related data and provide the context required to resolve issues quickly.
Circonus Linux System Dashboard
Circonus Log Alert Screenshot

Proactively surface issues

  • Boost reliability with threshold-based alerts that monitor log, metric, or trace data.

  • Proactively identify potential issues through analytic alerts, which identify critical patterns in unstructured or semi-structured data from logs or traces, such as errors, security issues, and latencies.

How SREs Can Achieve More Success by Implementing Modern Monitoring

Integrate with your incident response platforms

  • Easily manage alerts with integrations such as Pager Duty, Victorops, and Opsgenie, as well as Slack, email, SMS, webhooks, and more.

  • Automatically match new hosts or tags against existing metric or tag alert conditions to ensure optimal visibility as you scale.

  • Leverage tags to create alerts on any application or system within your environment.
Phone and Watch Alerts

We recently had an issue with one of our services suffering latencies on Opening Day. We were able to quickly identify several issues, like memory leaks, because we were collecting all the telemetry around that service and alerting on latency. To be able to find that quickly and resolve that issue to ensure that the users engaging with that service were not impacted is a big deal.

Riley Berton, Principal SRE
Major League Baseball

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