ELK Stack Migration

Reduce the risk of migration from Elasticsearch and Kibana. Easily import what you like and work with tools you’re familiar with.

Circonus eases migration from open source self-managed clusters like ELK. Our platform is an extension of the existing OpenSearch offering and is fully compatible with ElasticSearch and any solution OpenSearch is compatible with.

Import Saved Objects

Remove migration risks

As data volume grows, managing your ELK stack can become resource-intensive. For those who have outgrown ELK, Circonus has made it easier and safer for organizations to migrate.

Circonus dashboards are an extension of OpenSearch dashboard. Since the visuals, ingestion pipeline, query language, and search are all the same, there’s no re-learning necessary.

Our OpenSearch and Elasticsearch API ensures that all your ancillary tooling and integrations continue to work with Circonus. And with our ability to enable dashboard and widget exports, you can simply import dashboards, data stores, indexes, queries, alerts, and widgets from Elasticsearch directly into Circonus.

Remove visibility gaps with unified platform

A common stack for ELK users includes Elasticsearch for logging, Kibana for log dashboards, and Grafana and Prometheus for time series data. Using these multiple tools is time intensive and result in data silos and manual correlation.

Circonus can consolidate your monitoring by replacing all of these disparate solutions. Our platform ingests logs, traces, and metrics from your entire environment, and our unified dashboards provides all of this data within a single pane of glass. In one view, you can immediately gain context around problems by correlating metrics and traces with the relevant logs, so you can quickly identify root cause and resolve issues before users notice them.

Unified Dashboard
Circonus Linux System Dashboard

Achieve more scale & better performance using less resources

Because Elasticsearch was not built for large volumes of time series data, users begin experiencing performance issues as they scale. One example is query performance. ELK alerting is done through polling, so queries slow down significantly as alert volumes grow. With Circonus’ real-time streaming alerting, there is no latency due to polling, so alerts are triggered within seconds and query performance is not impacted.

Another area where ELK performance suffers with scale is the ingestion pipeline. A sudden surge in logs and traces puts significant resource strain on managing an ELK user’s ingestion pipeline and puts it at risk of failing when it’s needed most.

Circonus ensures you have the capacity to handle log bursts and application chatter and manages your ingestion pipeline for you. Our platform can ingest data from any stack at unlimited scale, allowing it to easily handle your organization’s data growth without impacting performance.

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Reduce costs and gain better insights

Storing logs gets very expensive, very fast — which means many ELK users throw out data sooner, even after 24 hours in some cases — when you would have preferred to hold onto that longer.

Circonus converts most of your logs to metrics and provides infinite data retention at low cost, giving you an opportunity to analyze historical data and as a result, gain deeper insights for proactive performance monitoring and capacity planning.

Circonus Slice and Dice by Tag

Our customers have zero tolerance for latency, and any second of downtime is money lost in terms of time and productivity. We were able to leverage Circonus to assess and analyze our service delivery, helping Flickr deliver photos about 25% faster today than it did last year.

Don MacAskill, CEO

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