IoT Monitoring

Fully harness your IoT data to derive better insights and intelligence about your sensors and systems.

From widespread consumer applications to rugged industrial uses, Circonus works with any data and any technology, easily and cost-effectively integrating into an organization’s overall IoT strategy to ensure complete visibility into your mission critical deployments.

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“If a piece of equipment at the ballpark is not behaving as expected, we can go to the interface dashboard, and it will show us all the metrics that we’re collecting about that interface. We can see exactly what the utilization is and what the errors are, or the optic levels to see if there are power or temperature issues. Anyone can quickly and easily go to a dashboard and see all this information for themselves.”

Jeremy Schulman
Principal Software Engineer, Network Infrastructure
Major League Baseball

Maximize your IoT data with un-matched scale and performance

For organizations taking advantage of IoT, the amount of high-frequency telemetry data to be collected, stored, analyzed and fully leveraged can be overwhelming. This is where Circonus shines. Circonus was purpose-built to monitor large, diverse deployments of sensors and equipment. Our platform offers unlimited scalability — in the number of devices and sampling frequency — to keep up with the growing volume of diverse sensor data.

We understand that devices many times are in locations where transmission of data can be very challenging. In the event of a network issue, Circonus brokers, a part of Circonus’ ingestion pipeline, can “store and forward” data to ensure it’s not lost.

Quickly pinpoint root cause of device performance issues

With thousands of devices spread globally across your environment, it can be challenging to pinpoint if device performance issues are a result of device failure or an issue within one of your systems, applications, or network. Circonus’ unified dashboards provide a single pane of glass to view the health and performance of your full environment, so you can correlate data and pinpoint the cause of device issues. You can quickly build dashboards and visuals for any specific group of devices and drill down to behaviors for each device, as well as aggregate data across all devices by location or tags to view the data you need.

Circonus Slice and Dice by Tag

Advanced analysis provides actionable IoT insights

Across industries, Circonus’ advanced analytics, including predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, seasonal trend correlation, and overall usage trends, can be applied to measure and monitor pressure changes, temperature changes, location changes, availability, component failure modes, and more.

Using the Elastic Common Schema, Circonus tags metadata to each item you monitor, so you can leverage tags to compare and contrast performance across devices, slice and dice data, build visuals, and establish relationships between components and observability data that enable accurate correlation and faster troubleshooting.

How SREs Can Achieve More Success by Implementing Modern Monitoring

Intelligent, flexible alerting for IoT devices

The volume of data generated by IoT devices can overwhelm legacy tools and frustrate engineers with too many irrelevant alerts. With Circonus, you can eliminate alert noise by creating highly customizable composite alerts for IoT devices using multiple trigger conditions. For example, perform anomaly and outlier detection leveraging highly granular historical data from your IoT devices to create alerts for issues that truly matter.

Because incoming IoT data is analyzed in the ingestion pipeline, Circonus enables true real-time alerts, eliminating the detection delay experienced by most monitoring solutions. You can view alerts in real-time dashboards that provide the context required to resolve issues quickly.

Circonus Linux System Dashboard
Circonus Anomoly Detection

Infinite data retention enables powerful historical analysis

Due to the volume of IoT data generated today, many organizations are forced to delete this data within a short time, losing valuable insights in the process. Circonus enables virtually unlimited storage of data at low cost, ensuring that you can fully access all your data without having to make choices on what to save and what to discard. This near-infinite retention unlocks multi-year analysis while surfacing baseline behaviors, seasonal trends, and anomalies.

To cost-effectively maximize the value of your log data, Circonus converts most of your logs to metrics. As a result, you can cost-effectively store this data long-term, giving you an opportunity to analyze historical data that provides deep insights for proactive performance monitoring and capacity planning.

Put simply, Circonus gets it right. The platform’s histograms, dedication to mathematical accuracy, and efficient data storage are the difference in allowing a company to gain the type of business insights that save money, minimize risk, and create better customer experiences.

Jack Neely, Senior Operations Engineer
42 Lines

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