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The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are opening up new horizons for numerous types of enterprises and government entities as data drawn from sensors informs and inspires, measuring everything from consumer usage to pumps on an oil rig. For organizations taking advantage of IoT / IIoT, the amount of high-frequency telemetry data to be collected, stored, analyzed and fully leveraged can be overwhelming. That’s where the Circonus Platform shines.

The Circonus Platform offers unlimited scalability — in the number of devices and sampling frequency — to keep up with the growing volume of diverse sensor data. In addition, the Circonus Platform enables virtually unlimited storage of data, compressed through our patented histogram technology, ensuring that you can fully access all your data, without having to make choices on what to save and what to discard, ensuring you’re in the know — today and tomorrow.

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  • Purpose-built to monitor large, diverse deployments of sensors and equipment, including sensor telemetry and SLAs for end-user consumable APIs
  • Near-infinite retention unlocks multi-year analysis, surfaces baseline behaviors, seasonal trends and anomalies
  • Patented histogram technology enables efficient collection, transmission, and monitoring of high-frequency telemetry
  • Histogram technology supports novel analysis of component failure modes, how and when components will fail
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IoT and IIoT: Capture what matters most

The Circonus Platform is the only monitoring and analytics platform capable of handling unprecedented data volumes, up to billions of events (or metrics) at high frequency, in real time to drive critical business insight and value.

The Circonus Platform provides comprehensive, real-time analytics that enable deeper insights into opportunities and issues, including predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, seasonal trend correlation, and overall usage trends. Across industries, this data can be applied to measure and monitor pressure changes, temperature changes, location changes, and availability, among a host of other metrics.

From widespread consumer applications to rugged industrial uses, Circonus works with any data and any technology, easily and cost-effectively integrating into an organization’s overall IoT/IIoT strategy to ensure complete visibility into your mission critical deployments.

Visualization Examples

The Circonus difference

Take full advantage of all of your IoT data to derive better insights and intelligence about your sensors and systems.

Real-time alerts for rapid response

Circonus redefines real time with its ability to handle any data volume at sub-second frequencies. Incoming IoT data is analyzed in the ingestion pipeline, enabling true real-time alerts.

Visualizations with limitless applications

Circonus makes it easy to visualize any data, in any application, from any system, in real time.

Predictive analytics for proactive solutions

Circonus provides forensic, predictive, and automated analytics capabilities that no other product can match, and at a scale that other products can only dream of.

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Features of the Circonus Platform

Leverage the ability to tap into all of your telemetry data to gain new levels of business insight.


Easily combine business and operations metrics in graphs and dashboards that highlight business performance and impact.

Real-time alerting

Access powerful, alerting capabilities that eliminate false positives and identify critical issues with zero-latency.

Real-time analytics

Identify areas of opportunity and challenge in real time. Rely on machine learning to automatically set a “new normal” as your data and operations dynamically change.

“Circonus allows us to cost effectively expand our metrics storage infrastructure to meet our constantly changing needs and the demands of our never ending growth. In addition IRONdb provides redundancy, easy cluster management and more advanced analytic capabilities all of which were sorely lacking in our Open Source Graphite infrastructure.”

Chris BowmanSenior Director, Data Systems OperationsAppNexus

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