Latency SLOs and Error Budgeting

Dynamically create, measure, and iterate latency SLOs with flexibility and accuracy.

Confidently ensure performance requirements are being met and that you’re optimally balancing risk and innovation.

Calculate SLOs Maximal Error

Create & Measure SLOs with Accuracy

Calculating SLOs correctly requires quite a bit of statistical analysis. Unfortunately, the vast majority of calculations performed by many of the tools available to SREs are done incorrectly, which can cost millions of dollars and waste resources.

At Circonus, we use OpenHistogram for computing SLOs. OpenHistogram stores the complete distribution of data rather than storing a handful of quantiles, which ensures the most accuracy when analyzing your latency SLOs. Also, OpenHisotgram’s approach to binning guarantees worst-case errors are below 5%, significantly better than the hundreds of percent seen by poor binning approaches.

Dynamically create SLOs and error-budgets

OpenHistogram can ingest and store all data points (trillions) infinitely and at low cost, so you can go back to your data at any time to answer any question. This empowers teams to dynamically calculate percentiles on the fly, after metric ingestion, so various teams can set and redefine their own SLOs as needed.

Leverage this highly granular historical data to optimize your error budgets. Continually test and measure your SLOs so you can identify your minimum thresholds and set SLOs that let you take more risks.

Inform your latency SLOs with powerful visualizations and analytics

Surface issues before users notice them. Visualize real-time latency data to assess probability distributions, find disruptions and concentrations, discover extreme system loads or drop-offs, and more. Alert on real-time SLO compliance issues, or if you are burning through your error budgets too quickly.

Add multiple different histograms together for quick analysis of historical latency data, and identify changes in service performance, or compare latencies from one software release to another.

Using Circonus’ histograms, it’s a huge benefit to be able to go back and sort of redraw the graph at the appropriate SLA to prove to our partners what our delivery time is. We’re able to do this because we are recording the latency of every operation at all times.

Riley Berton, Principal SRE
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