The Observability Packages and Pricing You Need Today

Transparent, budget-friendly pricing for companies of all shapes and sizes. Choose a plan based on the number of metrics, logs, and traces you send us every month — that’s it. No hidden fees. No surprise bills.


Starts at

/month billed annually

25,000 metrics

  • Unlimited unified dashboards
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited queries with PromQL support
  • Unlimited real-time alerts
  • Circonus Unified Agent with 300+ integrations for apps, cloud, databases, servers, storage & network
  • 24/7 Email and web support portal
  • Slack support
  • World class SLAs
  • Unlimited metric data retention
  • Support for industry-standard tooling like collectD, StatsD, and Telegraf

Logs & Metrics

Starts at

/month billed annually

50,000 metrics +
500 GB logs /month

Everything in Metrics


  • 7-Day log retention
  • Metrics and logs monitoring
  • Logs Explorer
  • Real-time and analytic alerting
  • Support for industry-standard log collection agents such as FluentBit and Data Prepper

Traces, Logs, & Metrics

Starts at

/month billed annually

100,000 metrics +
1 TB logs and traces /month

Everything in Logs & Metrics


  • 14-Day log and trace retention
  • Application analytics
  • Service analytics
  • Trace analytics
  • Grafana dashboard plugin
  • Support for Open Telemetry Collector, Jaeger, and Zipkin

We can provide custom plans to meet your needs and flexible deployment in your cloud or ours, with attractive volume and multi-year rates. Contact us to learn more.


Any data which can be indexed in time order is a metric. CPU utilization (numeric), software version (text), or page load time for millions of simultaneous users (histogram) are common examples. Circonus charges for active metrics. When metrics are marked inactive, we stop collecting new data, but the historical data remains accessible.
While we know there are many monitoring products out there that monitor less than 25 metrics per server, we find most customers need somewhere between 200-400, depending on the workloads running. We’ll work with you to right-size and fine-tune your installation. The good news is, you control how you deploy those metrics. So, if you only need 25 metrics per server, then you could support up to 40 servers per 1000 metrics. If you’re a more typical customer, than you’ll need 200 and get 5 servers per 1000 metrics.
No, there are no retention limits on metrics. We have many customers who have over five years’ worth of metrics in Circonus. Our Unified Observability platform and IRONdb times series database were designed for real-time and long-term historical analysis.
Circonus charges by the number of gigabytes you send to us and how long we retain them for you. We support filtering and conversion of logs to metrics, helping ensure you retain the value of your logs without the cost.
This will depend on a few factors, including the type of messages you want to send, whether it’s all of your messages or just error messages. Generally, looking at the Event Viewer in Windows or checking /var/logs should give you a sense of the total log volume. We’ll work with you to fine-tune from there.
That will depend on the instrumentation you are using and whether you’re doing any sampling. Talk to us and we’ll help you figure this out.
Our standard packages provide 7, 14, or 30-day retention of logs and/or traces. We can support longer periods — please contact us to discuss.
Our system prevents costly overages by keeping you from exceeding your quota while allowing you to burst occasionally, provided it’s not sustained for more than an hour. Should you need more, you can always upgrade your account.
Yes! We support many query languages to enable dashboard creation, including PromQL, OpenSearch Dashboard Query Language and our own Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL).
Yes! Circonus not only supports it, but we’ll also help you every step of the way.
Yes! Circonus offers active pricing for multi-year commitments.
We provide flexible deployment options in your cloud, the public cloud, or ours as well as a range of management and support options to empower you.
You can see our current status at any time on the publicly available status page or review our standard service levels and support policies.
The Circonus platform has been designed to make it easy for you to migrate off expensive, legacy, or proprietary platforms. Depending on what you’re looking to migrate, it could be as simple as just pointing your agent or dashboards at Circonus.

  • Agent migration: We support many open-source agents like Telegraf, Statsd, collectD, Prometheus, FluentBit, and Open Telemetry. You can simply point your existing agents at Circonus.
  • Datastore replacement: We provide drop-in replacements for Graphite, Prometheus, OpenSearch and Elastic.
  • Dashboard migration: We provide direct support for Grafana Dashboards or those using PromQL. Simply change your dashboards to use Circonus instead of your previous server or service.