Powerful full-stack monitoring you can afford

Transparent pricing for infrastructure monitoring, log analytics, and unified observability.
No hidden fees. No surprise bills.

Choose a plan based on: the number and type of hosts, containers, Kubernetes pods, network devices, network port count, website urls, etc., as well as the type of data (metrics, logs or traces) and the frequency you want to send the data to Circonus every month (i.e. every minute). A metric is any data which can be indexed in time, such as CPU utilization (numeric) or software version (text).

Pricing is based on datapoint per minute. Pricing below is based on the average number of metrics seen for these technology classes, so actual pricing may vary.

Metrics Logs & Metrics
Network Interface (Port)
Network Interface (Port)


Network Interface (Port)

$1.50 + up to 0.5 GB logs per month




$2.85 + up to 1 GB logs per month

Windows Hosts
Windows Hosts


Windows Hosts

$15.00 + up to 10 GB logs per month

Linux Hosts
Linux Hosts


Linux Hosts

$21.00 + up to 10 GB logs per month

Application Servers
Application Servers


Application Servers

$47.00 + up to 50 GB logs per month

  • Unlimited Unified Dashboards
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Queries with PromQL support
  • Unlimited Real-Time Alerts
  • Metrics Explorer
  • Circonus Unified Agent with 300+ Integrations supporting apps, cloud, databases, servers, storage & network
  • 24 x 7 Email and Web Support Portal
  • Slack support
  • World class SLAs
  • Unlimited metric data retention
  • Collected every minute
  • Support for industry-standard monitoring agents collectD, StatsD, Telegraf

Everything in Metrics


  • 7-Day Log Retention
  • Metrics & Logs monitoring
  • Logs Explorer
  • Real-time & analytic alerting
  • Support for industry-standard Log Collection agents FluentBit and Dataprepper

All plans are a minimum of 12 months, paid in advance. For distributed tracing, netflow, high frequency collection, and flexible deployment in your cloud or ours, contact us to learn more. We are happy to provide a plan to meet your needs with attractive volume and multi-year rates.

Any data which can be indexed in time order is a metric. CPU utilization (numeric), software version (text), or page load time for millions of simultaneous users (histogram) are common examples. Circonus only licenses you for the actual number of data samples you send in a given period.

Package pricing is based on collection once a minute. Higher frequency collection at every 30, 10, or 5 seconds is available at additional cost.

No, there are no retention limits on metrics. Circonus has many customers who have over five years’ worth of metrics in Circonus because our platform and times-series database were designed for real-time and long-term historical analysis.

Yes, pricing is based on the amount of data samples collected per minute, so you can collect more on some hosts and devices and less on others and still stay within your existing licensing. If you exceed your allocated data sample rate for a sustained period, we work with you to either optimize metrics or move you to a higher volume plan if your needs have changed.

Circonus charges by the number of gigabytes you send to Circonus and how long it’s retained by Circonus. We support filtering and conversion of logs to metrics, helping you retain the value of your logs without the cost.

This will depend on a few factors, including the type of messages you want to send, whether it’s all or just error messages. Generally, viewing the Event Viewer in Windows or checking /var/logs should give you a sense of the total log volume, and we’ll work with you to fine-tune from there.

That will depend on the instrumentation you are using and whether you’re doing any sampling. Talk to us and we can help you figure this out.

Our standard packages provide 7, 14, or 30 day retention of logs and/or traces. Longer periods are supported contact to find out more.

Our system prevents costly overages by preventing you from exceeding your quota while allowing you to burst occasionally, provided it’s not sustained for more than an hour. Should you need more, you can always upgrade your account.

Yes! We support many query languages to make it easy, including PromQL, OpenSearch Dashboard Query Language and our own Circonus Analytics Query Language.

Yes! Circonus not only supports it, but we’ll also help you every step of the way.

Yes! Circonus offers active pricing for multi-year commitments.

We provide flexible deployment options in your cloud, the public cloud, or ours, and we provide a range of management and support options to empower you.

You can see our current status at any time on the publicly available status page or review our standard service levels and support policies.

The Circonus platform has been designed to make it easy for you to migrate off of expensive, legacy, or proprietary platforms. Depending on what you’re looking to migrate, it could be as simple as just pointing your agent or dashboards at Circonus.

  • Agent migration: We support many open-source agents like Telegraf, Statsd, collectD, Prometheus, FluentBit, and Open Telemetry. You can simply point your existing agents at Circonus.
  • Datastore replacement: We provide drop-in replacements for Graphite, Prometheus, OpenSearch, and Elastic
  • Dashboard migration: We provide direct support for Grafana Dashboards or those using PromQL. You simply change your dashboards to use Circonus instead of your previous server or service.