Anomaly Detection & Advanced Analytics

Harness powerful analytics to proactively optimize performance, resolve incidents faster, and make smarter decisions with confidence.

Circonus combines simplicity and power to give customers sophisticated and flexible analytics. Real-time intelligence combines with robust historical analysis to provide the accurate, in-depth insights required to ensure the reliability of your revenue-generating services.

Circonus Metrics Explorer Screenshot

Easily view all metrics with Metrics Explorer

  • Quickly explore, visualize, and search all of your metric data in our easy-to-use “metrics playground” interface.

  • View metrics in a list, or view metrics in graphs based on queries, tag categories, and time spans.

  • View metric tags and run customizable queries to understand the right data and time window to explore and which new metrics you should track.
  • See how metrics returned from queries are related and how metric behavior is correlated or has changed.

Instantly identify anomalies

  • Identify periods of unusual or unexpected behavior in your data with anomaly detection overlays.

  • Perform anomaly detection against existing historical data without having to setup dedicated monitors or taking on additional licensing costs.

  • Create alerts based on deviations from pattern-based forecasts.
Circonus Anomoly Detection
Circonus Slice and Dice by Tag

Proactively optimize using advanced insights

  • Analyze performance and automatically create a forecasting model of future metric performance.

  • View service level violations across multiple SLAs and use actual historical data to set optimal SLAs.

  • Analyze historical utilization and forecast future needs to empower accurate capacity planning.
  • Slice-and-dice data easily with tag-based search and analytics.

How SREs Can Achieve More Success by Implementing Modern Monitoring

Know what’s happening in real time

  • Find disruptions and concentrations, bottlenecks, errors, latencies, and extreme system loads or drop-offs — all in real time.

  • Analyze data quickly using our support for standard query languages like DQL, PPL, Lucene, and PromQL, as well as Circonus’ own advanced analytic query language.

  • Quickly explore your servers, applications, hosts, containers, and network in real-time dashboards that correlate and provide context.
  • Become aware of issues faster with streaming alerting, which alerts against metrics that are triggered in real-time.
Circonus Linux CPU Dashboard

Improve MTTR with full-stack visibility & correlation

  • Quickly explore and collaborate through unified dashboards that provide a single pane of glass view of all your data.

  • Immediately correlate log errors with related throughput metrics and application latency in one view using time-based and search-based correlation.

  • Have the context required to understand how changes impact your whole environment.

  • Easily filter and group data by tags to speed troubleshooting.

Pinpoint issues immediately

  • See how various services are connected to each other to understand which are related to an issue.

  • Sort by error rate or latency to investigate the root cause of problems within your applications.

  • Use Trace Analytics for at-a-glance visibility into application performance and the ability to drill down into individual distributed traces.
  • Identify potential issues through analytic alerts, which identify patterns across logs.
Trace Analytics Detail Screenshot

Our customers have zero tolerance for latency, and any second of downtime is money lost in terms of time and productivity. We were able to leverage Circonus to assess and analyze our service delivery, helping Flickr deliver photos about 25% faster today than it did last year.

Don MacAskill, CEO

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