Introducing Circonus

Great ideas always begin with a catalyst. They can ignite in a flash of brilliance, or grow slowly like an ember hidden in the ashes of failure. Inspiration comes from different places, and is only ever cultivated into success with the right combination of talent, timing and fortitude.

And sometimes it just happens because you get fed up with inferior products.

The beginnings of Circonus land somewhere in-between. Created by the engineers at OmniTI, we’ve been dealing with the pains of performance monitoring and trending in highly scalable environments for years. We’ve tried various combinations of Open Source and COTS software packages, all of which left us with a sour taste and wanting for more.

Over the last couple of years, our team of highly skilled engineers, led by OmniTI’s own Theo Schlossnagle, have been crafting and refining a truly convergent monitoring platform. Circonus started off as the Reconnoiter project, attempting to address the disconnect between existing monitoring and trending solutions.

Circonus is currently in a closed beta, receiving valuable feedback from customers and partners. We expect to launch publicly in April 2010. In the meantime, we’ll use this blog as an outlet to discuss the upcoming release and divulge all the cool stuff in the pipeline. I hope you visit here often to find out what we’re working on.