Circonus Extends its Powerful Full-Stack Observability for Edge Computing, 5G Applications, and IoT Deployments

The monitoring industry is changing rapidly. Gartner reports that by 2022, 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside of a traditional data center or cloud, up from less than 10% in 2019 and that number could reach 75% by 2025. As telemetry data accumulates quickly at the edge, it becomes infeasible to collect and send to a centralized platform for monitoring and analysis due to its overwhelming mass – a phenomenon often referred to as “data gravity.” This results in making compromises in which telemetry to collect, how much and how often, which leads to poor visibility, longer problem resolution times, and stale data in analytics and queries.

Circonus is the first telemetry monitoring and analytics platform to address this quickly growing challenge. We’re excited to share that we’ve extended the Circonus Platform’s telemetry intelligence capabilities to include enhanced support for edge computing, 5G applications, and IoT deployments.

Our latest release includes patented, innovative Zero-Gravity Data™ technology specifically designed to deal with the challenges of processing and analyzing massive data sets being generated by IoT and edge deployments. With Zero-Gravity Data™, the entire Circonus Platform, from ingestion to analytics to storage, has been optimized for the best possible performance in dealing with distributed, edge-to-edge telemetry at scale.

This latest release makes Circonus the only distributed, full-stack observability and intelligence platform with flexible deployment options for cloud, private cloud, and on-premises implementations. Our platform uses a distributed processing model to move observability and intelligence to the source – dramatically reducing latency, improving visibility, and speeding real-time analytics and queries.

“With containerization and edge processing, the line between IT and IoT is blurring,” said Bob Moul, CEO, Circonus. “Enterprises want the ability to rapidly build, deploy, and run applications wherever they can be most effective – be that in the data center, the cloud, at the edge, or on the shop floor – without sacrificing control and performance. Circonus delivers complete command and visibility of the entire enterprise footprint from edge to edge in one powerful, unified platform. This allows today’s enterprises to gain levels of valuable insights that were previously untapped, deploy and innovate quickly with confidence, and ultimately gain competitive advantage.”

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