SolarWinds Alternative:
Why Companies Choose Circonus

Ingest, visualize, and analyze your metrics, logs, and traces at unlimited scale from across your full environment and quickly correlate all this data in one unified view.

SolarWinds’ observability platform is a culmination of several different products that have been poorly integrated, resulting in a fragmented experience that makes it difficult to correlate data and troubleshoot. Limited flexibility to customize or make changes, slow system performance, and alert flooding are common complaints. Also, costs increase significantly when scaling, particularly because customers are forced to purchase various product packages to get the capabilities they need. Circonus offers a modern, flexible alternative in a truly unified platform.

Unified visibility in one view speeds MTTR

  • Single pane of glass: Analyze metrics, traces, and logs in one unified dashboard to improve collaboration.

  • Efficient correlation: Correlate related metrics, traces, and logs across charts in a single click and view to quickly identify root cause.

  • Alert management: Manage all alerts through the same UI to see potential emerging issues.

Modern platform with flexibility and scalability

  • Modern: Built to meet the complexity, scale, and speed of today’s microservices-based, hybrid cloud environments.

  • High availability: Data is replicated across multiple availability zones and runs as a cluster with multiple write-copies.

  • Customizable: Dashboards and best practices are available out-of-the-box with the ability to easily customize.

  • Flexible: Choose the deployment model that meets your needs.

Logs Explorer
Alerting Visualization

Reduce alert noise & improve response to issues

  • Streaming alerts: Receive alerts against metrics that are triggered in real-time.

  • Analytic alerts: Identify potential issues through analytic alerts, which identify patterns across logs.

  • Customizable alerts: Build customizable alerts based on log queries to limit noise or surface events.

  • Trends visualizations: Visualize alert trends to see active alerts across your metric, logs, or traces and filter by severity to reduce alert fatigue.

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Simple, predictable pricing

  • Simple and predictable pricing: Pay a flat rate for metrics ingested, regardless of where the metrics are coming from. One bill, clear to understand.

  • Only pay for what you use: Add our host agent, filter to just the metrics you want to ingest into the Circonus platform, and only pay for those.

  • No overage premiums: Pay one predictable price per log and metric (including custom metrics).

  • No retention limitations for metrics: Get infinite storage at low cost, so you can cost-effectively do YOY analysis.

Sample Configs

Open standards reduce vendor lock-in, ease migration

  • Open source data support: Support for open source data collection agents such as FluentBit, Data Prepper, and OpenTelemetry, and query languages such as PromQL and Lucene.

  • Grafana integration: Use Grafana dashboards in Circonus, no extra work needed.

  • Kibana roots: Circonus dashboards exist as they do in Kibana, with extra functionality.

  • Elasticsearch Compatibility: Ingestion pipeline, query language, and search are all the same, and all ancillary tooling and integrations work as is.

“With Circonus we have been able to merge application performance modeling with SLOs, Kubernetes monitoring, and traditional network and hardware monitoring at high (and growing!) scale.”

“The richness of this high frequency data allows us to understand user and systems behavior with a level of detail we haven’t experienced as an organization before now. The ability to perform real-time analysis on billions of data points drives how we think about, and debug, performance for millions of baseball fans. Combined with a monitoring-as-code approach, our engineers get all of this delicious data out of the box with little to no time spent.”

Riley Berton, Principal SRE
Major League Baseball

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