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Entertainment and Streaming Media

Deliver unparalleled uptime and superior stream quality for an optimized customer experience. Plan for seasonal viewership spikes with multiyear retention and predictive analytics.

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Eliminate unexpected outages and maximize revenue opportunities with real-time alerts, fault detection, and predictive analytics.

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Provide new levels of speed, accuracy, and innovation, 24x7x365 access, and always-on availability — from anywhere, at any time — to ensure that customer expectations are met and exceeded

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Transform business operations by collecting real-time information and insights to increase productivity, reduce expenses and improve safety.

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Smart Grid

Benefit from real-time visibility into complex smart grid networks to drive unprecedented business insight, value and efficiencies.

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Use Cases

IoT Monitoring

Collect, store and monitor your IoT data in real time and at scale. Eliminate barriers to data volume and frequency, and benefit from predictive analytics and trend monitoring through unlimited and cost-effective storage.

Time Series Database

Scale to billions of metrics per second, reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively, to get the operational insights that will help keep you ahead of the competition.


Enhance your DevOps lifecycle with shorter test cycles, more frequent releases and an overall more agile and proactive approach.

StatsD Monitoring

Modernize your approach to StatsD monitoring with Circonus’ powerful IRONdb time-series database and patented log linear OpenHistograms.

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