Internet of Things

Optimize IoT Business Processes to Scale with Affordable Machine Learning

Real-time sensor monitoring technology as an On-Prem or SaaS solution. See IoT behavior in real-time and reliability alert to changes in performance monitoring.

Machine Learning

Utilize real-time streaming data to analyze behavior, create algorithms to find patterns in data, and create predictive models to forecast expected future performance. Create dashboards, graphs, and worksheets. Then share them across teams to unify internal knowledge and facilitate communication.

Anomaly Monitoring

Detect anomalies in time series data from IoT devices and sensors in real-time. Anomalies are detected through abnormal behavior represented in spikes, dips, positive or negative trends, or any other type of outliers to the norm. Anomaly alerts can be either set manually or automatically detected by Circonus with alerts sent to actionable parties.

Predictive Maintenance

Use data analytics inside of Circonus to make decisions that directly impact organizational spend and operation costs. Accurately predict and foresee device failure, remaining life of an equipment, equipment end-of-life dates, and root causes of systemic failure. Take the knowledge learned to enable optimization of operational and maintenance costs.

Sensor Telemetry

Ingest millions of events from sensors to analyze, monitor, and improve manufacturing, operational safety, reliability, and user experience. Data driven decisions help craft products and create desirable and disruptive technologies across multiple industries and verticals.

See IoT Sensor Monitoring with Circonus in Action

Circonus’ Developer Evangelist, Fred Moyer, used Circonus to monitor a network of Purple Air sensors to measure air quality in San Francisco after a series of recent fires in his home town. Read his post on the Circonus Blog to learn how toxicity was measured in real-time.

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Graph your data and use our analytics overlays and predictive algorithms to get real insight for troubleshooting potential issues, capacity planning, setting cost-effective SLAs, and more.

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With real-time streaming analytics, Circonus has an extensive statistical toolkit designed to support operational intelligence.

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Reliable threshold alerting helps your team keep your systems and service quality up. Alert team members on early signs of trouble such as when data deviates from expected values.

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