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Circonus IRONdb Time Series Database

Circonus IRONdb provides scalable, efficient, and fault-tolerant time series storage for environments of all sizes

Ingest, compute and analyze massive amounts of time series data

It’s easy to get started with Circonus IRONdb

Performance at scale

Circonus IRONdb makes it easy to handle and store unlimited volumes of telemetry data, easily handling billions of metric streams.

Advanced analytics

Circonus IRONdb enables users to identify areas of opportunity and challenge in real time, providing forensic, predictive, and automated analytics capabilities that no other product can match. Rely on machine learning to automatically set a “new normal” as your data and operations dynamically change.


Circonus IRONdb integrates with Grafana, which has native support for our analytics query language. We are also compatible with other visualization apps, such as Graphite-web.

Robust storage and replication

“No Touch” replication

Circonus IRONdb keeps your data safe by storing multiple copies of your data in a cluster of IRONdb nodes. System administrators typically manage clustering, often spending significant time maintaining it and keeping it working. Circonus IRONdb allows operators to set and forget their cluster, and stop wasting resources manually managing their time series data store.

Data safety

Circonus IRONdb is deployed on ZFS and supports protection against data degradation. Any read of a block of data examines the checksum and will repair the read from a replica disk if bits have gone bad on the physical media.

Availability zones

Circonus IRONdb is capable of operating with data replicated across multiple availability zones. Circonus IRONdb can leverage 4 different availability zones to ensure survivability in double fault loss scenarios.

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Interoperability and integrations

Circonus considers interoperability a primary point of concern and importance. If there is a protocol or format out there, we work to support it seamlessly to make its easy for customers.

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Circonus IRONdb is a drop-in solution for organizations struggling to scale Graphite data on ingestion, and that need interoperability, cost efficiency, high availability and capacity.

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Circonus IRONdb easily integrates to provide needed real-time ingestion, interoperability, cost efficiency, high availability and capacity.

Achieve industry-leading efficiencies

Reduced hardware spend

Free up valuable resources by dramatically reducing the number of nodes. Circonus IRONdb leads the market in terms of node efficiency, handling more metrics on equivalent hardware than any competitor or open source solution. In our work with Appnexus we were able to reduce hardware requirements by upwards of 75%.


Access historical insights and improve mission critical decisions, without the associated high storage fees. Circonus’ patented histogram technology enables highly compressed storage of data at rest, thus reducing costs and ensuring efficient access to all your data.

Operational simplicity

More efficient software means less hardware to manage. Circonus IRONdb enables you to free up engineering resources to contribute to your core business.

Circonus IRONdb has been designed to require minimal operator resources for maintenance tasks, such as adding, removing or replacing cluster nodes. Users can maintain a cluster with dozens of nodes cost-effectively and with minimal toil.

“At 42 Lines, we work with big data companies that seek our advice on the best way to store and analyze massive amounts of data. Circonus is one of the few time-series database vendors I recommend. Put simply, Circonus gets it right. The platform’s histograms, dedication to mathematical accuracy, and efficient data storage are the difference in allowing a company to gain the type of business insights that save money, minimize risk, and create better customer experiences.”

Jack NeelyPrincipal Operations Engineer42 Lines

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