The Circonus team is excited to announce the release of our newest update, which includes sweeping changes to the Circonus Monitoring Platform UI.

This update is part of an ongoing effort to optimize the Circonus UI for performance and usability on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, as well as on media PCs, desktops, and laptops, and almost every single change to our familiar UI directly supports that optimization. You’ll find that just about every single page is now responsive. In the future we’ll be continuing these efforts, and will be tackling the dashboards and check creation workflows next.

We’re also grouping some of our features to provide a more streamlined experience, by making improvements to how data is displayed, and changing how controls are displayed to be consistent throughout all of the different pages and views.

Look for these changes to go live this Thursday, April 26th!

What’s New?

The biggest change is that the displays are consistent for ALL of the different searchable items in Circonus. Hosts, metrics, checks, rules sets, graphs, worksheets, everything!

Every item has a List View that includes the search functionality, and a Details View with more information for each item in the list. All of these Details View pages will have the same familiar design, and the List View for each item will also have the same functionality. Users will still be able to select their preferred layout for Metrics and Hosts lists, whether they want their List View in a grid or an actual list.

Another significant change is that the List View and the Details View are separate. Circonus will no longer display a dropdown accordion with a Details View inside of the List View. Instead, you can use the List View to search for data and simply click the View button to visit a page specifically designed for viewing those details.

These views group many familiar Circonus features together in a dropdown menu that appears under the View button, as you can see in this Alert History list.

Many frequently used Circonus features are grouped under one of our two (and only two) “burger”-style menus, which are for mobile navigation and tag filters. Controls for other features have been replaced with intuitive icons in the appropriate places that will clearly indicate what users can do from different views.

Menu items are context dependent, and display options relevant to the current List View or Details View.

All of the Token API Management pages have been consolidated to a single API Token page, under the Integrations menu.

Account administration has also been consolidated and streamlined, as you can see from this view of the Team page:


There are a lot of changes in this update, so to assist users with this transition, we’ve prepared answers for a few questions we anticipated that you might ask.

How do I view the check UUID?

The view for the API object, which includes the check UUID, is available on the checks list page by clicking the down arrow next to the View button. You can also visit the Details View page for the Check to get all pertinent Check info, including the UUID.

How do I view details for two things at once now that the List View and Details View are separate?

We recommend opening a separate Details View page for each item you want to view, by right-clicking on the View button in the List View and opening multiple new tabs.

What’s Next?

Our team is dedicated to continuously improving Circonus, and have recently prepared our roadmap for the next year, so we can confidently say there are many more exciting new features and performance enhancements on the horizon.

Our next big UI update will enhance our dashboards and the check creation workflows. These features will receive the same responsive improvements you will see in the rest of the UI, along with improving usability.

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