We’re excited to announce that we just released the next-generation of our observability platform – the Circonus Telemetry Cloud™.  Here’s a closer look at what it is and why we think it’s a standout in the monitoring and observability space.

Time for a Better Way

A lot of organizations have ended up deploying multiple monitoring tools – sometimes ten or more – in order to get adequate coverage across the IT environment. This has inevitably led to data silos, longer MTTR, and higher costs. 

So in the last few years, more companies have adopted full-stack platforms in an effort to consolidate tools. But, these platforms come with a hefty price tag, surprise bills, and in-flexible, confusing pricing models that force you to pay for capabilities you don’t need. Also, their proprietary technology requires a learning curve that makes migration to and from their platforms challenging.

To avoid these price tags, along with vendor lock-in, others have continued leveraging open source monitoring tools. While these tools provide great functionality and flexibility, they  require significant resources, lack enough scale, and result in visibility gaps associated with tool sprawl.

Many organizations fall into more than one of these camps, using a combination of both managed and open source solutions. Yet despite all of these solutions available, outage and resolution times have continued to increase – as have observability costs. While each solution approach provides essential benefits, each also has their drawbacks. We built Circonus Telemetry Cloud with the goal of eliminating these drawbacks while still proving the essential benefits each provides.

A fresh, unified, & simplified approach to all-in-one observability

With Circonus Telemetry Cloud, customers get the flexibility and familiarity they love about open source tools combined with the benefits of a sophisticated, managed, consolidated platform – at a price all enterprises can afford.

The platform delivers a holistic view of the entire enterprise up and down the stack and across the full range of deployment models – on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. It is a complete solution encompassing telemetry ingestion, visualizations, analytics, and storage – all powered by its world-class time series database, IRONdb™, which enables unlimited scale and infinite, cost-efficient data storage.

Telemetry Cloud’s economy of scale and superior price-performance economics make it possible to deliver high-end capabilities at a fraction of typical monitoring costs. In fact, Major League Baseball replaced seven monitoring tools, including large observability platforms, with Circonus for a dramatic annual cost reduction of 66%.

Capabilities and benefits of Circonus Telemetry Cloud include:

  • Eliminate silos & reduce costs with a consolidated platform: One fully integrated platform provides end-to-end observability. Ingest, store, visualize, and analyze metrics, traces, and logs across infrastructure, network, applications, and containers, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Speed MTTR with full-stack correlation: Unified dashboards provide a single pane of glass to correlate related metrics, traces, and logs in one view and click, while search and tagging capabilities enable efficient contextualization and querying. The result: 5x-10x faster MTTR and improved accuracy by eliminating false positives.  
  • Ease migration and reduce vendor lock-in with support for open standards: Circonus provides dashboards based on OpenSearch, as well as out-of-the-box support for open source collection agents like OpenTelemetry and Fluent Bit and query languages like PromQL and Lucene. Circonus integrates seamlessly with Grafana dashboards, is compatible with Elasticsearch, and can function as a drop-in replacement for Prometheus and Graphite.
  • Proactively optimize performance with advanced analytics: Real-time analytics and powerful historical analysis empower engineers with the capabilities they require to ensure the reliability of their systems, including anomaly detection, capacity planning, SLO/SLA management, performance reporting, and more. 

Circonus Telemetry Cloud is available immediately. We invite you to jump in and kick the tires by signing up for a free 14-day trial.

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