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Learn how Circonus’ tools help businesses achieve better infrastructure monitoring and gain critical analytic insights

“In particular, one thing that sets Circonus apart from competitors is the first class support for native applications. We have a high performance object store which is central to Backtrace and which exposes a lot of complex analytics. Some of those analytics include distribution data. We wanted real-time tracking into latency distributions, and we couldn’t find another solution that had the same functionality as Circonus.”

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“At TouchTunes, there is a vision of building a strong collective understanding of our platforms and applications to empower leadership, management and execution of operations. Two key dimensions for achieving this, intelligence and communication, push the expectation for monitoring to be ever more accurate and reliable.”

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Streaming Video (Confidential Client)

Our customers are experienced engineers who chose us because of their need to monitor dynamic infrastructures and apply infinite queries to their data. Our customer, Alem Abreha, a Sr. Service Reliability Engineer for a large cable company, approached us to share his experiences with our platform.

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